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  • NEW YORK—Arsenal Capital Partners has signed a definitive agreement to sell its IGM Resins business to Astorg.

  • LONDON—Despite a rise in crude oil prices, and the resulting pressure on synthetic rubber prices, NR prices showed little sign of strengthening last month as wintering season came to an end in Southeast Asia.

  • LUXEMBOURG—Orion Engineered Carbons has posted a 25.6 percent increase in earnings for its rubber blacks business.

  • HOWELL, Mich.—Chem-Trend has unveiled its Ultra Purge polyolefin, which extracts material residues that build up within hot runner systems and cause hang up spots in injection molded parts weeks after a color change.

  • WASHINGTON—Calling it a "national priority," Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told a Washington conference May 22 that EPA will develop tougher regulations around chemicals widely used in making fluoropolymers and other products.